About Us

Welcome to the CUBuffsBBall blog, the unofficial student run source for your Colorado Buffaloes Basketball.

CUBuffsBBall’s History:

All of this began in 2011 with a simple idea. An awkward 8th grader named Trevor Simmons, wanted to create a mixtape for the Buffs, as he couldn’t find one on YouTube. So he took to his MacBook Pro, and threw together the best attempt at a mixtape he could create using iMovie, and “borrowed” game footage. He made it out of sheer love for putting jaw-dropping dunks to the instrumentals of 300 Violin Orchestra, expecting nothing of it. However, the video gained thousands of view over the course of a short few weeks. Concurrently, CU burst onto the national college basketball scene by winning the Pac-12 Tournament that same 2011-12 season. The successes of the team helped propel Trevor and his homemade video.

After conquering the YouTube world, he’d thought he’d throw his hat into the Twitter area. So, he set up a little Twitter account, and tried to learn from the best on Buffs’ Twitter. Between tweeting at the games, and the mixtapes, CUBuffsBBall built a small, but loyal following. It wasn’t much, but it was a community who cared.

Over the next two seasons, Trevor continued to grow CUBuffsBBall thanks to his fire tweets, copyright infringing videos, and growing popularity of the CU Men’s Basketball Team. Eventually after reading endless articles on the Buffs, Trevor thought he’d make a blog of his own, and the website was born.

Even more important during that time, Trevor met Jake Shapiro, Ted Chalfen, and Cam Goeldner. The four came together for the love of the Buffs, and the oddest group of friends was born.

By the 2014-15 season, Trevor, a still awkward, senior in high school, built CUBuffsBBall into a somewhat respectable website and brand. However, the calling of college drew him away from Colorado out to Wisconsin, where he chose to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering (yeah, I still don’t know how that happened either). It looked as if CUBuffsBBall would be left unmanned moving into the future.

However, the flame was not extinguished, but revitalized, by the prodigy, and best friend, Cameron Goeldner. Cam now runs the CUBuffsBBall brand. It is the #GoeldenEra now.

Lastly, what makes us different from other sites is that wee believe we’re a little more personal than other sites. We know what its like to make something from nothing. We never forget where we come from.

We are CUBuffsBBall.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CUBuffsBBall

Email cubuffsbball@gmail.com for any questions, comments or inquiries.


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