One Month Till Basketball Season

The last time the buffs hit the basketball court was in Des Moines Iowa in the NCAA Tournament, It was the last time buffs fans got to see Josh Scott put on the buffs uniform. After a long offseason we are now only a month away until the first game at Coors Events Center where the buffs will play the Sacramento State Hornets.

Josh Scott was not the only person to leave Boulder after the game. The other person to leave Boulder was Cameron Goeldner, In August Cameron left for school to go to the University of New Mexico to be a Lobo. With Cameron leaving for college he decided to give me the job for CU Buffs BBall. with all this I would like to introduce my self to everybody my name is Jace Kinney, I’m a huge buffs fan my family has had season tickets for basketball for Four seasons this will be our fifth season. I’m a sophomore at the University of Northern Colorado and even though I go to school their I’m a bigger buffs fan. I would like to thank Cameron for thinking of me to take over the site.

With all that being said who is ready for #RollTad in a month?



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