Welcome to the Goelden Era

With the conclusion of last season’s PAC-12 tournament, we saw the end of the Askia Booker era, but that was not the only era that drew to a close with last season’s end. Of course, I’m referring to the end of Trevor Simmons’ time here at CU Buffs BBall.

In August, Trevor headed off to college at the University of Wisconsin, and a few days ago he handed me the keys to the castle, so I thought I would introduce myself. Hi, my name is Cameron Goeldner, and I’m the new head of CU Buffs BBall. I’m a senior in high school just down the hill from Coors Events Center, and I’ve been watching the Buffs ever since I was a little kid. I’m a Boulder native, and in addition to the work I’ll be doing here I also write about the Rockies. I’ll be in attendance for the majority of home games this season and as the season rolls around, will begin posting two to three times a week. I’m honored that Trevor found me fit to take over, and will do my best to fill the big shoes he left for me.

With introductions done, I just have one question. Is it November yet?


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