Fresh Faces: Meet CU’s 2014 Basketball Recruits

As the Colorado Buffaloes basketball team enter their fifth season under head coach Tad Boyle, the Buffs look to continue to build momentum towards being a national basketball power. Boyle has elevated the Buffs on to the national radar with three successful recruiting class, including players the likes of Spencer Dinwiddie, Askia Booker, Xavier Johnson, and Josh Scott just to name a few. However, this year’s recruiting class has not generated as much hype compared to the hype of the past three classes. But, that in no way means the 2014-15 class is weak what so ever. The Buffs add Colorado native Dominique Collier, big man Tory Miller, and promising walk-on Josh Repine to an already solid and improving CU roster. Each player brings a set of skills that the Buffs need.

Tory Miller (Top Left), Josh Repine (Lower Left), and Dominique Collier (Right) will all play for the Buffaloes this year

Tory Miller (Top Left), Josh Repine (Lower Left), and Dominique Collier (Right) will all play for the Buffaloes this year. 

The biggest star of the 2014 recruiting class is point guard Dominique Collier. Born and raised in Colorado, Collier played for the Denver East High School. Even as a freshman, he was on the national radar with his amazing handle and incredible playmaking skills. He earned the Colorado Basketball Gatorade Player of the year in his junior season and two back to back Mr. Basketball Colorado awards for the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons. Collier took the Angles to the CHSAA 5A playoffs in all four season at Denver East, which includes two back to back championship appearances,. After coming up short in his junior season in the 5A State Championship, Collier, alongside teammate and Creighton recruit Ronnie Harrell, led Denver East on an unstoppable campaign to win the 5A championship this season. In the process, Collier demonstrated why he was the best high school player in the state of Colorado by averaging 23.4 points per game, 3.7 assists per game, and 3.5 steals per game. Dominique committed to the Buffs on May 5th, 2013, making him the first player to sign to CU from a Denver City High School since Chauncey Billups. This year, Collier will look to help fill the void in the point guard position left by Spencer Dinwiddie. Dom possesses a special ability, he can elevate the play of all those on the court around him. Collier’s ability to drive and finish at the hole is his best strength. Not mention he has a solid outside shot, averaging 57% from the field and 36% beyond the arc. He will help improve the Buffs defensively as well with his talent to steal the ball. Collier must put on muscle if he wants any chance to compete in the Pac-12 this year. At only 160 lbs, he will have trouble driving on the stronger Pac-12 point guards. But regardless of his weight, Dominique Collier will be an incredible addition to the Buffaloes immediately and has potential to be a star in the next few years.


Next on the list is Tory Miller. The 6’8” big man comes all the way from New Hampton School in New Hampshire. Just like Collier, Tory Miller exploded on to the college recruiting scene, literally and metaphorically, with his emphatic dunk during the 2013 National Prep Showcase. (See this dunk here) Miller was an important piece for his basketball team this past season. As the center, Miller gave the New Hampton Huskies a dominant inside presence. He has a very solid all around post game. Miller’s best asset though, has to his vertical. Although he is only 6’8” in the post, he makes up for his deficit in height with a surplus in elevation. In the 2014 state championship game, Miller laid a powerful dunk on the best team in the state of New Hampshire. (See that dunk here) Tory also has a knack for snatching rebounds and blocking shots. He is a great protector of the rim and gives his opponents only one chance to shoot, as he will grab any miss coming off the rim. Miller also has a decent short range jumper from the corner, which will prove to be very useful in the coming seasons. The Buffs add another very solid big man to a good rotation. Miller will help add height to roster and will prove to be very valuable asset. Now with three solid big men, Colorado can run a Josh Scott, Wesley Gordon, and Tory Miller in a pair and rotate the third player when one of the two gets tired. This sequence will prevent the Buffs big men from getting fatigued and allow them to perform better late in the game. Now with three true big men, Dustin Thomas will be able to move outside more and take advantage of his pure shooting ability. Tory Miller is another recruit who has star potential in the next couple years. He presence will instantly be felt on both sides of the basketball.


Finally, we have walk-on shooting guard Josh Repine. A Colorado native, Josh played for Kent Denver High School. After graduating he went to New Hampton School as well and took a year playing for the prep school. While at New Hampton he was a teammate of fellow recruit Tory Miller. Usually, Repine was a role player for New Hampton. But at Kent Denver, Repine was a star and led his team to win 2013 3A State Championship. Repine established himself as a strong shooter. He averaged 71% from the field and shot 51% from the three point line. One asset Repine possesses that CU desperately needs in the ability to shoot from deep. If he can continue to improve his overall, Repine will be a key player in the coming years for the Buffaloes. His ability to stick from deep will help open up the court for the rest of the team, and give the Buffs another talent that will make them even harder to defend. Repine constantly looks to improve his game and can see his long term plan, which adds much more promise to the freshman walk-on. In a recent interview with the Daily Camera Repine said, “I understand my opportunities might be limited, but the nice thing I have is I’m only a freshman. So, I still have years to grow.” Josh Repine, as long as he continues to work and improve, will be a player in the coming years that will make other college basketball coaches say, “How did we not see this guy?”

Despite the lack of hype for this recruiting class, the Buffs will continue build their way to a nationally recognized team. Collier will help fill the hole left by Dinwiddie, Miller will add depth and strength to the big men of CU, and Repine will be key shooter for the Buffs quite soon. Hype is not of importance when it comes to recruiting. All that matter is if the recruits can play, and all of Buff’s recruits can play, play very well for that matter.
-Trevor Simmons (@CUBuffsBBall)

Buffs Non-Conference Basketball Schedule Predictions

Yes, I understand that we are currently in Buffs Football season mode. But with CU’s non-conference basketball schedule released last week, it is only appropriate to break down how the Buffs will looking coming off a volatile 2013-14 season. Coming into this season, CU will be without their star point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, as he chose to opt our of his senior year for the NBA. The Buffs now look to senior Askia Booker, juniors Josh Scott, Xavier Johnson, and Xavier Talton to lead the way this season. Colorado also returns underclassmen Wesley Gordon, Tre’Shaun Fletcher, Dustin Thomas, and Jaron Hopkins to strengthen the roster as well. Not to mention the Buffs are bringing on powerful young bloods including homegrown high school all-star Dominique Collier, and promising big man Tory Miller. Although CU loses incredible talent in Dinwiddie, they’ve had the entire offseason to adjust to life without him. The Buffs should be able to deliver another promising year under head coach Tad Boyle. Looking at the Buffs non-conference schedule, Colorado should be able to find themselves in good position with a solid winning record going into the 2015 Pac-12 season, which only grows more and more competitive every season.

Here is who the Buffs will face in non-conference play:

Non-Conference 2014

CU has nine games before they fly to Hawaii and play in the Diamond Head Classic Open against a solid field including Wichita State, George Washington, and historic rival Nebraska.

Game By Game Breakdown:   

Game 1: vs. Drexel 

Thoughts: If they Buffs somehow lost this game to the Drexel Dragons, honestly I wouldn’t be totally shocked. Drexel is one of the more underrated teams in the NCAA. Last year, they were on track to an amazing season before their star guard went down with injury. Drexel almost beat UCLA in Pauley Pavilion, and was beating Arizona by 20 before their star, Damion Lee, went down with a torn ACL. While, Lee returns for the Dragons, they graduated their three best players, and now are overloaded with underclassmen. Not to mention, they lost their big man in the offseason with a knee injury. As long as CU can contain Lee and their other star, forward Tavon Allen, Colorado will be able to hold off coach James “Bruiser” Flint and the Dragons.

Prediction: CU comes out to a slow start but gets it together to pull out the win.

CU 72-Drexel 65

Game 2: vs. Auburn

Thoughts: This game is part of ESPN’s 24 Hour Tip-Off and the game will start at 11:00 PM MST. This will definitely throw all the players off on both teams. With another game at home, CU will have the advantage, though, with a rocks, ESPN crazed C-Unit behind them. Auburn finished 14-16 last year, but have added Antoine Mason, who was second in points per game last year, and and strong big man Cinmeon Bowers. Besides that, the Tigers bring quite a lot of height from their other players as well. This game will be an interesting and challenging match-up for the Buffaloes.

Prediction: The starting time will affect Auburn more than CU since the Buffs are at home. CU will find their flow a little quicker and hold of a good Auburn squad for a close win.  

CU 56-Auburn 53

Game 3: at Wyoming

Thoughts: CU has always struggled in Wyoming, regardless of the team they take to Laramie. Wyoming is coming on strong this year with some very good player. Seniors Larry Nance Jr. and Boulder’s own Riley Grabau lead Wyoming this season. Before Nance went down with a knee injury last year, he was putting on an all-star performance almost every game, and Grabau can still shoot the lights out from deep. The Cowboys also bring the explosive junior Josh Adams as well. Just like the Buffaloes, Wyoming seems to be on their way up as well.

Prediction: Nobody can contain Nance, Grabau destroys the Buffs from 3-point range. Buffs make it close, but not enough. 

Wyoming 68-CU 63

Game 4: vs. Air Force

Thoughts: Air Force brings back almost the exact starters the Buffs played last year and CU handled them 81-57. The Falcons did though, lose their leading scorer in Tre’ Coggins. However, Air Force brings on 11 freshman this year, which will give an element of uncertainty. But, none of the freshman were incredibly notable. Air Force will be good in the coming years, but probably not this year, as they are weighed down by inexperience.

Prediction: Same teams, same outcome. CU wins this one at home considerably.

CU 77-Air Force 62

Game 5: vs. Lipscomb 

Thoughts: After doing some research, Lipscomb is poised to be one of the breakout Mid-Major teams in the NCAA this upcoming year. The Bison will bring back four returning starts, all who averaged more than 13.0 points per game last season. So, improvement is most likely inevitable. However, Lipscomb only has two players over 6’6″, so the Buffs have the height advantage. Not to mention, the Buffs will be playing behind the C-Unit once again in the CEC. Still if CU does not take this team seriously, they will be in for a surprise.  

Prediction: This game will be closer than many will expect. But, the Buff’s home court advantage is second to none.

CU 59-Lipscomb 55

Game 6: vs. San Francisco 

Thoughts: San Francisco finished third in a competitive WWC last year with a record of 21-12. However, the team lost their two highest scoring players. Nevertheless, the Dons seems to have a promising line-up brining back three solid seniors as well as two good juniors. San Francisco also brings freshman Devin Watson, a three star standout recruit from the San Diego area. Still, the Dons lack dominant height and once again the Buffs play them at home. 

Prediction: Unless Devin Watson puts on a show, the San Francisco big men rapidly improve, and the Buffs seriously over look this team, it should be an easy win for the Black and Gold.

CU 62-San Francisco 56

Game 7: at Georgia

Thoughts: Georgia brings back three of the five starters from last year. They also retained big man Nemanja Djurisic, who scored 12 points, grabbed four boards and two steals against the Buffs this past season. The Bulldogs also bring in two three start recruits, 6’8″ Yante Martin, and 6’11” Fred Iduwe. Both look to have some strong potential. The Buffs beat Georgia last year, but CU went 26-26 from the charity stripe, not to mention the Buffs shot pretty well from three point land as well. I don’t think CU will shoot that well from the line this time. Take even a third of those free throws away and it’s a much different ball game. 

Prediction: First road game for CU in a while will lead to some surprises. Buffs can’t get it done two years in a row.

Georgia 75-CU 69

Game 8: vs. CSU 

Thoughts: I hate to say this, but I’m actually a little nervous for this game. For the past three years we got to watch The Mayor singlehandedly destroy CSU. But, we don’t have him this year. The Rams also bring back their two leading scorers and have brought on some considerable freshman talent in 6’10” Toby Van Ry and 6’3″ guard Jeremiah Page. But, Van Ry will be too skinny to match up with Scott or Gordon. We will see about Page. CSU also has explosive wing man Carlton Hurst, it will be interesting to see how much he has improved this offseason. If the Buffs had to go to Fort Collins for this one, I would be very nervous. But, thankfully we play at the CEC and the C-Unit will bring the noise.

Prediction: CSU makes it a close one, but the C-Unit once again makes Coors Event Center one of the toughest places to win on the road. Buffs escape with a close one.

CU 67-CSU 64

Game 9: Northern Colorado  

Thoughts: Northern Colorado brings back three starters from last year and also gained CSU transfer Dwight Smith. But, UNC lost their two most prolific players, and there seem to be holes on this team. The incoming freshman class are tall, but not the strongest. Also Smith didn’t even have a major impact for CSU, so the Buffs have little to worry about there. 

Prediction: This game is at home, and the Buffs are the much better and bigger team. CU gets an easy win before heading to Hawaii.

CU 80-Northern Colorado 66

Games 10-12: Diamond Head Classic Tournament

Here is the bracket for the 2014 Diamond Head Classic:

The field features some very solid teams such as George Washington, Nebraska, and Wichita State, as well as some not so solid teams like DePaul, and Loyola Marymount. For this I will also make predictions for who I think CU will play, as Games 11 and 12 are still TBD. 

Game 10: vs. DePaul

Thoughts: DePaul had a disappointing season last year, going 12-21. They have some very solid players, including the Big East Rookie of the Year Billy Garrett Jr. But, they do not seem to play well together, emphasized by ranking 305th in assists per game with 10.9. The Blue Demons lost their leading scorer, but still have a decent starting line-up. However, they lack in the height department. They do not have a decent big man.

Prediction: This game depends on the Buff big men stepping up, and shutting down Garrett Jr. This game is on neutral territory, so the C-Unit won’t be in full force. Still DePaul lacks chemistry and size, so CU moves up to the winners bracket.

Game 11: v.s George Washington (Note: Italics means my prediction)

Thoughts: GW is no joke. Playing in the A-10, they are legitimate competitors and will be the toughest competition for the Buffs yet. While George Washington did lose two of their best scorers, they kept three and added some very impressive recruits. Their big men are powerful, tall, and can rebound. Also, the Colonials can shoot well from deep. Not to mention they have a very strong team game. CU will have to bring their A game here if they want to advance to the finals.

Prediction: While CU tries to make it a close game, GW proves to be too much for the Buffaloes. CU has to settle for the third place game.

GW 73-CU 67 

Game 12: vs. Nebraska 

Thoughts: Here we go, old rivalry baby! But, Nebraska’s much better than last time we played them. Nebraska brings back almost all of their players from last year and has brought in two solid recruits. Most importantly 6’4″ Forward Terran Petteway returns to the Cornhuskers, who averaged 18.1 points per game, and 4.8 rebounds per game. Also, Nebraska can light it up from beyond the arc. This Nebraska team is hungry from last year’s loss to Baylor in the NCCA Tournament. They are a team to be taken very seriously.

Prediction: CU takes rivalry games very seriously. The one fact that I forgot to mention about Nebraska is that outside their starting five, they have pretty lackluster talent coming off the bench. Since CU has such a deep rotation, the subs will prove to be the difference for CU. Buffs pull out a close one to take third place at the Diamond Head Classic.

CU 73-Nebraska 71

Overall: 9-3 Non-Conference Record

Based of my predictions, the Buffs will enter the 2015 Pac-12 Season with a 9-3 record. If the Buffs go into the Pac-12 season beating Nebraska, they should be able to have the confidence to give a quality showing in conference. If Buffs figure out how to operate without Spencer Dinwiddie, this year looks to be another promising year with an NCAA Tournament birth waiting on the other side. But, that might be a very big “If”. Nevertheless, basketball season cannot arrive soon enough.

-Trevor Simmons (@CUBuffsBBall)

Agree, Disagree, or Want to add something? Let me know in the comments, I’m completely open to discussion.       

The Most Dangerous Player in the NBA Draft: Why it’s not Embiid, Wiggins or Parker

While names like Jabari Parker, Dante Exum, and Aaron Gordon are being touted across every mock draft, one name has slipped past all the hype. That name: Spencer Dinwiddie. Although players like Andrew Wiggins or Julius Randle will have the immediate franchise player aura lottery pick teams are looking for, Dinwiddie possesses one quality that no lottery pick can attain. Spencer Dinwiddie won’t be a lottery pick. Now, it would seem absurd that a player who is projected to fall to the later 1st round has so much power. But, what initially seems ridiculous is one hundred percent true.

When Dinwiddie took the fall this January, his draft stock fell too. Even though Dinwiddie will return to full strength, many struggle to look past the uncertainty of his injury. (However, one quick look on his social media outlets proves Dinwiddie is recovering at an incredible pace.) Nevertheless, Dinwiddie’s name holds a fair bit of uncertainty. He will most likely fall to the late 1st round or possibly the early second round. Teams such as the Rockets, Heat, or Spurs have the picks deep into the first round.

Dinwiddie holds the potential to be the most dangerous player in the draft for the fact that he will be taken later in the draft. Putting him on a team such as the Rockets, Heat or Spurs means putting Dinwiddie on a team already loaded with talent. Dinwiddie has lottery pick talent, and can become a crucial player on an All-star team.

Image if the Miami Heat select Dinwiddie with the 26th pick. Teams would have to make a decision: stop Dinwiddie’s drive or stop Lebron from scoring of a Dinwiddie dime?

-Trevor Simmons, @CUBuffsBBall

What are your thoughts on Dinwiddie’s NBA Future and who do you think has the most potential in the 2014 NBA Draft?

Not So Quiet on the Eastern Front…for a Reason

The Big East Tournament historically has been anything but predictable. Out of every college basketball conference tournament, the Big East Tournament can alway be counted on for thrilling upsets. Every year, the top seeds in the Big East are beaten by lower seeded bubble teams. Every year, the spectacle occurs. It almost seems more than a coincidence that the best teams lose in the Big East Tournament. Well, it’s not. It’s called The Big East Effect. The Big East Effect is the overinflation of stocks of Big East bubble teams. Normally, the number one and two, sometimes three, seed in the Big East Tournament are ranked in the AP Polls and secured their trip to the dance. Thus by having lower seeded bubbles teams beat the top ranked teams, the bubble teams in the Big East can gain one or two more quality wins that put their tournament resumes one notch higher than competing bubble teams. Basically The Big East Effect, over inflates the quality of talent coming from the Big East Conference, so they can field more teams in the NCAA Tournament.

The  motivation behind the Big East Effect is “Prize Money”. Each team that goes to NCAA Tournament earns their conference a cash bonus. Last year, each conference received just for sending a team to the Big Dance was $245,514 per team. Therefore the more teams that make the Tournament, the more money a conference can make. Also, tournament wins also have a big payoff. In 2013, a win in the NCAA Tournament earned the victor’s conference about $1.5 million dollars. It is important to send as many and the best teams to NCAA Tournament, which is why we always see the 5-8 seeds normally upset the best teams rather than the 9 or higher seeds. The Big East Effect is an effective method to sneak one or two extra teams into the tournament without actually cheating.

It’s evident and unfortunate that the Big East Effect occurred. The best example of the Big East Effect is the 2010 NCAA Tournament, in which The Big East had 8 teams represent their conference.  This isn’t the most teams the Big East ever fielded, which was 11 teams in 2011, but it is the best application of the Big East Effect. Marquette, Notre Dame, and Georgetown seeded five, seven and, eight, respectively, were all bubble teams. However the teams they would play in the Big East Tournament, all were locks for the Big Dance. Therefore, it would only make sense for the higher seeded teams to lose, which is why we saw Georgetown beat #1 seeded Syracuse, Notre Dame beat #2 seeded Pittsburg and Marquette beat #4 seeded Villanova. Each quality win helped  over inflate the value of their stocks. Georgetown, Notre Dame and Marquette even though they did not deserve their At-Large bids. It was evident when all three teams were upset in the first round to 11 and 14 seeds.

Now, some may argue, “Well it’s just one example, multiple upsets are rare.” Yes, that is true, but 2010 was the year the Big East had the most bubble teams. In other years, the Big East only has one or two bubble teams. Still seven out of the last ten years, two or more bubble teams have beaten seeds 1-4 in the Big East Tournament, and each of those bubble teams made NCAA Tournament over the competition.

Upsets are common in college basketball, but this specific type of upset in the Big East Tournament happens too often be an annual coincidence. Not saying that The Big East Effect is by any means cheating, it’s actually an ingenious business plan to fund for the conference. The NCAA should just be aware the fact that The Big East Effect occurs and the selection committee should adjust accordingly, otherwise more power conferences might follow suit. Then, come Selection Sunday, we would end up with so much over inflation, we wouldn’t be able to tell a good college basketball team from a bad one. Ultimately, we wouldn’t have the best 68 teams represented in the NCAA Tournament, which would be disservice to every player, coach, university and fan.

-Trevor Simmons (@CUBuffsBBall)

Do you agree or disagree that The Big East Effect is present?

Comment below or tweet at me


Bracketology 3/13/2014

3/13/2014 Bracket Predictions

Here’s the official bracket predictions at the end of Thursday, March 13th, 2014

1 Seeds 2 Seeds 3 Seeds 4 Seeds
Louisville Duke Syracuse Cincinnati
Florida Villanova Wisonsin Michigan St
Witcha State Virginia Michigan St Louis
Arizona Kansas Creighton San Diego State
5 Seeds 6 Seeds 7 Seeds 8 Seeds
VCU Kentucky Oklahoma Oregon
Ohio State New Mexico Pittsburg Iowa
UCLA Connecticut Texas Memphis
Iowa State UNC Massachussetts G Washington
9 Seeds 10 Seeds 11 Seeds 12 Seeds
Stanford BYU Xavier Tennessee
Baylor Dayton Harvard Southern Miss
Gonzaga Colorado SF Austin Delaware
St Joseph’s SMU Kansas State Providence
Nebraska Arizona State
13 Seeds 14 Seeds 15 Seeds 16 Seeds
Mercer N Carolina Ct American Weber State
N Dakota State Stony Brook Georgia State Alabama State
Eastrn Kentucky Toledo Wofford Mnt St. Mary’s
Milwaukee Manhattan UC Irvine Coast Carolina
Utah Valley
Florida G Coast
Last Four In First Four Out Next Four Out
Kansas State Minnesota Arkansas
Nebraska Oklahoma State Green Bay
Providence Florida State Missouri
Tennessee California Georgia

Bracketology 3/9/2014

Official Bracket for 3/9/2014


1 Seeds 2 Seeds 3 Seeds 4 Seeds
Villanova Duke Syracuse Cincinnati
Florida Louisville Wisconsin Michigan St
Witcha State Virginia Michigan St Louis
Arizona Kansas Creighton San Diego State
5 Seeds 6 Seeds 7 Seeds 8 Seeds
VCU Kentucky Connecticut Oregon
Ohio State New Mexico Memphis Iowa
UCLA Oklahoma Texas Pittsburg
Iowa State UNC Massachussetts G Washington
9 Seeds 10 Seeds 11 Seeds 12 Seeds
Stanford BYU Colorado California
SMU Dayton Harvard Southern Miss
Gonzaga Arkansas SF Austin Delaware
St Joseph’s Baylor Kansas State St John’s
Xavier Tennessee
13 Seeds 14 Seeds 15 Seeds 16 Seeds
Mercer N Carolina Cent Boston Weber State
N Dakota State Stony Brook Georgia State Alabama State
Eastrn Kentucky Toledo Wofford Robert Morris
Wright State Iona UC Irvine Coast Carolina
Utah Valley
Florida Gf Coast
Last Four In First Four Out Next Four Out Notables
Kansas State Arizona State Florida State Utah
Xavier Oklahoma State St Mary’s Clemson
St John’s Nebraska Georgia Minnesota
Tennessee Utah Missouri Florida Gulf Coast

Note: Auto-bid goes to team that won tournament or highest ranked team remaining in that conference tournament. Also, Italics means Autobid

Bracketology 3/7/14

Here’s the official predictions on March 7th, 2014

1 Seeds 2 Seeds 3 Seeds 4 Seeds
Arizona Syracuse Duke Creighton
Florida Kansas Michigan Michigan St
Witcha State Villanova Louisville St Louis
Virginia Wisconsin Cincinnati San Diego State
5 Seeds 6 Seeds 7 Seeds 8 Seeds
Kentucky VCU Oklahoma Oregon
Pittsburg UNC Iowa Memphis
UCLA Connecticut New Mexico Texas
Iowa State Ohio State Massachussetts SMU
9 Seeds 10 Seeds 11 Seeds 12 Seeds
Stanford St Joseph’s Dayton Baylor
G Washington Oklahoma State Harvard Green Bay
Gonzaga Arkansas SF Austin Delaware
Kansas State Colorado BYU St John’s
Xavier Arizona State
13 Seeds 14 Seeds 15 Seeds 16 Seeds
Mercer N Carolina Cent Boston Weber State
North Dakota St Vermont Georgia State Alabama State
Belmont Toledo Davidson Robert Morris
Southern Miss Iona UC Irvine High Point
Utah Valley
Last Four In First Four Out Next Four Out Notables 
Arkansas Missouri St Mary’s Utah
Arizona State Providence LSU Clemson
BYU California Lousiana Tech Minnesota
St John’s Tennesse Georgetown Florida Gulf Coast